Eric Buchman Wins No-Limit Hold’em

When the thought comes to mind about who will be the winner of WSOP then there are plenty of names comes in. And the name of Eric Buchman also remains there.

Just after six months one of the 2009 “November Nine” was the Buchman, for $2.5 million here he came in fourth. That time he made smaller, but a significant score.

However, on the night of Friday Buchman won the gold bracelet. His career’s first gold bracelet and the winning amount of $203,607. In the event Buchman bested the 476 players. It was the event no. 18, an event of $2,000 limit Hold’em.

On the Friday’s final table, Buchman entered into the game with the stake of 453,000 as the chip leader throughout the game stack of player never went below 453,000. Before making the first level, he seemed to sit back. With his clear moves, he eliminated the poker pro Matt Grapenthien in seventh round of the game, and William Jensen in the sixth round of the game. With this he accumulated enough chips.

Looking at the game one can make it out that no one can stand in front of Buchman in the tournament. He was making big hands and was smoothly winning every pot. By the end of the game six players remained among which Buchman knocked out five players and reach to the final table.

Here the fight of the player was with another champ Matt Matros. Matros won the bracelet in the limit Hold’em $1,500 event. This is he won just a week earlier. Gary “GB2005” Bogdanski was also on the final table.

O the final table Buchman defeated his competitors and won the tournament. By winning the event, Buchman proved that he is good in other forms of poker as well in addition to no-limit Hold’em.