Maurice Shares His Opinion On The Atlantic Club Lawsuit

Maurice who has an expertise in the background of bankruptcy work shares his opinions about the lawsuit on May 17, 2013, against Atlantic Club by Poker Stars in which court caused the ruling that they can seek other buyers. Poker Stars has lost its offer to get the Atlantic Club and has to compensate the investment while the procedure, owing to a document in which RI Holdings agreed to sell its southern boardwalk outpost in trade for $15 million to the famous online operator.

It looks like the outside date was a little more than a fantasy while the interim financing obligations assumed by Poker Stars made the deal quite a factual expensive fantasy in a town where gamblers have been behind sand-laced dreams since a long time.

It is unfortunate for the deadline to be over before the inking on the documents. Yet here, the complaint by the Rational’s Group made sure to note that walking from the deal was as intense of the effect of following through the same deal. The applications pending, Poker Stars investing some $11 million along with some credit, decided to pick up the disadvantages of Atlantic Club, now owing them additional $15 million plus the lost invested money eventually.

These facts were considered and the company which goes by the name, Rationale Group has approached the court with the bid to put off the date a little longer and it has stopped the Atlantic Club from getting to the market. But there has been news that the court has decided not to involve in the case. The news pretty much with irony comes with the Memorial Day on the horizon and the Atlantic Club fills much of the tourists during this period. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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