Eric Buchman moved into the leaderboard of the Borgata Open. 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) November Niner Eric Buchman moved all-in on a board of A-K-10-2 with two hearts. Another player called with A-9 of clubs and Buchman tabled Q-6 of hearts for straight and flush draws. The river was the jackpot card for Buchman, who watched as another heart hit to fill his flush. Buchman ended the day with a stack of 76,700, the 96th largest total in the Borgata Poker Open entering Day 2.


Eric Buchman has once again proved his talent at poker by staying strong even on day four. Buchman, who finished fourth last year and won $2,502,890, is still going strong deep into day four of the 2010 renewal. None of Messrs Cada, Moon, Saout, Shulman, Begleigter, Ivey, Schaffel or Akenhead can make the same boast. Neither can any of the previous November Nine. Eastgate, Demidov, Phillips, Schwartz, Montgomery, Suharto, Rheem, Kim or Marquis are all long departed, if they played at all.